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Welcome to the Overleaf learn wiki—from here you can access a wide range of help and information on Overleaf and LaTeX.

Video series: Introducing Overleaf and LaTeX

The Overleaf team are currently preparing new tutorial content but, in the meantime, Dr Vincent Knight, Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics, Cardiff University, has prepared a series of short videos which introduce Overleaf and help you get started with producing your first LaTeX document. We have embedded the first video in that series but do please visit Vincent's YouTube Channel to view the full video playlist.

How do I get started?

A good place to start is opening and exploring one of Overleaf's pre-loaded templates and examples—ideal for helping you create your first project. Choose from one of the following suggestions:

  • "I'm writing a project report/homework assignment" Then we recommend taking a look at our Project Report templates.
  • "I've heard LaTeX can produce great presentations - I want to give that a try" Take a look at our Presentation templates.
  • "I've used LaTeX before but can't remember the commands" We've preloaded a Quick Guide to LaTeX which contains lots of commands to get you going!

Other tutorials you may like

If you're still stuck, you can browse a list of articles on this wiki or check out these tutorials:

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